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Bike Servicing at Big Bear Bikes, Pickering - Shifters, Crankset & Bottom Bracket, Rear Gears, Front Gears, Rear Shocks, Suspension Linkages, Hubs, Disc Brakes & Callipers, Brake Levers & Reservoirs, Wheels, Steering, Suspension Forks

When you bring your pride and joy into our shop you can be confident that it's in good hands.  We've got all the right tools for the job and all of our shop mechanics are Cytech qualified.  We're all experienced riders too, so we'll have a chat with you to understand your needs and follow it up with great service and a job well done.  All of this means you keep riding, so you're happy and so are we.

Different levels of servicing we can offer include:

  • Interim

  • Standard
  • Comprehensive


Call in or telephone us for more information on the service plans we have available.



Workshop Wisdom....

When you take your bike to a shop you like to think it's in good hands. If you wanted an amateur to mess with it without all the proper tools you'd be doing it yourself, right?  At Big Bear Bikes all of our shop machanics are Cytech trained and we make sure we have all the right tools for the job. We will give all bikes of all types of any age some Big Bear care. Our services include simple puncture repairs, cycle maintenance, cycle servicing, fork servicing, brake bleeds, warranty repairs and even resprays, all offered from our shop right here in Pickering, North Yorkshire,

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Pop into the shop: Big Bear Bikes, Succours House, Southgate, Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 8BL
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