Precision Bike Fit

Improve your cycling with a Precision Bike Fit

No matter what the motivation – whether you are a novice cyclist craving comfort or an experienced rider wanting to maximise your speed, deliverable power and riding longevity – no-one is better equipped to help guide your bike selection and improve your riding than our experienced, professionally trained Bike Fit Technicians.

Trek Certified Bike Fit – £150 – Please allow 2.5 hours

The 8 Step Fit Process

1. The Interview

The most important part of the whole process. The technician will enquire about your goals and aims, cycling background, riding style and fitness together with any past injury history.

2. Physical Assessment

An off the bike assessment designed to fit the bike to you and not you to the bike. A range of physical assessments, flexibility and motion tests will be carried out.

3. Starting Positions

Riding positions are as individual as people’s arms, legs, torsos and any other part of the body. As such, what is comfortable for one cyclist may not be so for the next when it comes to cycling.  We will determine the best riding position for you.

4. Shoe Setup

An in-depth footwear sizing and foot assessment. A pre and post cleat assessment is also included in the process.

5. Lower Limb Setup

Assessment of the lower limb biomechanics to ensure the correct foot and lower limb position and alignment together with your range of motion, flexibility and muscle power. The results? Improved pedalling efficiency to maximise your comfort, durability and speed.

6. Upper Body Setup

Pelvic, torso and upper body positioning will be assessed. Saddle and handlebar setup will be finely tuned and optimised to your body shape and flexibility.

7. Record, Advise and Follow Up

The results of the Fit are measured and recorded with any changes highlighted. Suggestions and recommendations to improve your riding are made.

8. Complete Fit Form

You leave secure in the knowledge that things can only get better from now on. Your interview, bike and physical measurements are kept on record should you need further advice in the future and you go home with a copy of all the relevant facts and figures.

To make an appointment for your Precision Bike Fit call us on 01751 474220 or email us.