Cycle Workshop and Service Centre

At Big Bear Bikes, our cycle workshop and service centre is  run by a team of experienced and Cytech qualified bike mechanics are all keen cyclists who have a wealth of experience and can service and repair all types of bikes, whatever the age or condition.  A bicycle is just like any other machine and in order for it to be safe and work efficiently it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.  The type of bike you ride and the usage will dictate the frequency of servicing, however, the main thing to remember is that regular maintenance is preferable and cheaper than emergency repairs.

You can drop your bike in at any time, but as we are such a busy workshop, we cannot always promise to work on it straightaway.   It’s a good idea to ring and book it in on a date to suit you, but if that isn’t possible, we will have a look at the bike, agree the repair work that needs to be done and give you an estimate of the cost.  We will then ring or email you when the job is done.  We endeavour to help all cyclists whenever we can, but if you need your bike for a particular event or date, please book your servicing or repair well in advance.  Tel. 01751 474220 or email for more information.

General Services available at our cycle workshop and service centre

General Maintenance

We can address a specific problem such as repairing a puncture, changing a tyre, adjusting gears or setting up brakes correctly.  We will quote from our Standard Price List.

Replacement of Individual Parts

We will replace individual parts for you and have a Standard Price List that we quote from for the labour and that part itself.

Specialist Services

These are too many to list, so contact us and we will give you more information and guide prices.

Suspension Servicing

Whatever you require from your MTB suspension, we can help and we will save you money.  See our Suspension Service Centre page for more details.

Wheel Building & Truing

Our mechanics can hand-build any wheel you like (please ask for a quote).    An additional labour charge will apply for removal and fitting the wheel to the bike and any necessary brake and gear adjustments.  Wheels built involving custom spoke cutting priced by arrangement.

  • Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleeding – all makes
  • Facing/Taping/Reaming eg: BB Shell, Brake Mounts, Steerer Tube, Seat Tube
  • Bearing Replacement eg: BB, Headset, Hubs
  • Custom Bike Building – from £50

You bring us your frame and parts and we will build up your bike as far as you require and can supply any part.
Please Note:  All prices above serve only as a guideline and can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike.

Cycle Service Plan

Why not reduce the hassle and cost of maintaining your new cycle by taking out a Service Plan with us and making best use of our cycle workshop and service centre?  For just £4.99 a month, our Service Plan will take the worry out of service bills and keep your bike in tip top condition.  With the plan, your bike will receive one interim and one comprehensive service every 12 months.
Have your bike serviced twice a year:    £80 of servicing for just £60

Interim Service (£29.99) includes:

* Full bike safety check, torque and adjust
* All bike parts checked for wear and safety
* Gears checked and adjusted
* Brakes checked and adjusted
* Tyres checked for wear and inflated

Comprehensive Service (£49.99) includes:

* Frame and forks cleaned and alignment checked
* Hubs and rims checked for damage and wear
* Wheels trued and spoke tension checked
* Tyres checked for wear and inflated
* All bolts che3cked and torqued
* Drivetrain cleaned and checked
* Wheel bearings checked and adjusted
* Bottom bracket checked and adjusted
* Headset checked and adjusted
* New cables fitted including inners and outers
* Brakes cleaned and adjusted
* Bike cleaned and lubed

Service Plan Terms and Conditions:

We will send you a service reminder by email or telephone
Unless otherwise stated, the cost of parts is not included
We will always contact you for approval before any extra work is done
All parts replaced will be of the same specification or quality unless otherwise agreed
The agreement will be deemed as cancelled by you if your standing order payments are not kept up to date
Customers can cancel the contract at any time with one month’s notice
Big Bear Bikes reserve the right to cancel the agreement at any time for whatever reason and will return any overpayment on a pro-rata basis
Suspensions servicing and hydraulic disc brakes are not included