More than 1,200 bikes are stolen every day in the UK alone & about 444,000 a year & so it’s essential to invest in a decent lock if you want to keep your prized ride safe. There are three main things to bear in mind when buying bike locks.  First, you get what you pay for. Cheap locks offer cheap security; most are little more than a visual deterrent.  A cheap lock is still better than no lock, but if a dedicated bike thief takes an interest in your bike, say goodbye to it.  Second, cable locks that are light enough to be portable are also light enough to be broken & easily.  Only use them in conjunction with a good U-lock to secure extra bits of the bike or items like your helmet.  Third, less is NOT more.  Unlike most other bike accessories, the performance of a cycle security device increases in proportion to its weight. So when it comes to portable locks, it’s a trade-off between how much peace of mind you want and how much metal you are prepared to lug around.

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