They don’t get much attention from the cycling media, but as a result of their practicality hybrids are actually the UK’s best-selling bike style.  As the name suggests these bikes have features taken from road bikes and from mountain bikes.  From road bikes they have light frames and large, 700C wheels whilst from mountain bikes they get flat handlebars and cantilever or disc brakes.  The larger wheels make them nippier round town than mountain bikes.

The tyres are usually in between road and mountain bike width, which helps make a hybrid more comfortable, better able to handle potholes and capable of tackling easier off-road tracks and trails.

Hybrids are almost always made from aluminium for its combination of strength and low weight.  

They always have mounts for rack and mudguards, and some models come with them already fitted.  

Every bike sold includes a free follow-up service and Cyclescheme and 0% Finance facilities are available.  We are open 6 days a week.

To ensure customers purchase the correct size of bike, our policy is for all bikes to be collected from our store.