Sleek, stripped-down and as light as possible, these are bikes intended for riding and racing on the road.  They feature close-ratio gears,  skinny tyres, usually 23mm or 25mm wide and drop handlebars.

Blasting down the road on one of these, sharp, purposeful bikes can be lots of fun.

High-end road bikes, have frames made from carbon fibre composite to reduce weight.  Frames may also be made from titanium, aluminium and steel, each of which has its own characteristics that give rise a frame’s feel.

Road bike wheels are a size known as 700C, a name that comes from a French system that’s otherwise largely disused.  What you need to know is that this is the almost-universal size for adult road bike wheels.

There’s a widespread belief that road racing bikes are uncomfortable, but that’s not the case if they’re set up properly. After all, professional racers sit on these bikes for three weeks in the Tour de France, which wouldn’t be possible if the bikes were agonising.

In store we can explain the range of bikes to you, explain their different uses and we won’t bamboozle you with ‘technical’ jargon, but explain everything as simply as possible.

Every bike sold includes a free follow-up service and Cyclescheme and 0% Finance facilities are available.  We are open 6 days a week with free parking behind the shop.

To ensure customers purchase the correct size of bike, our policy is for all bikes to be collected from our store.

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