Trek Project 1 Custom Build

Don’t settle for anyone else’s bike.  Create your very own with Project One, Trek’s custom bike programme.  Customise, personalise, sensationalise, the choice is yours.  Just select the model, fit, styling and components you desire and we’ll build your dream bike.

Trek will create your custom bike the way they build every Project One bike:  by hand, one at a time, with the love and care only the most experienced bike builders and artists can offer.  They’ll obsess over every detail and when your custom bikes arrives, the reality will surpass the dream.


Order your dream machine now from Big Bear Bikes or contact us for more information!

Paint Scheme
Project One lets you specify the colours and design that speak to you.

Frame Size and Fit
The right fit is everything and Trek has got you covered with the industry’s largest range of frame sizes and fits.

Do you prefer Shimano, SRAM or Campy?  You chose and while you’re at it, specify your crank length and compact/double/triple.

Choose from a selection of super-aero Bontrager wheels including racing tubulars and clinchers in your choice of depths and transfer colour.

From super-strong to ultralight and everything in between, in your choice of colours.

Bars and Stem
Choose your perfect setup from among the fastest integrated aero bars and dial in your ideal arm/hand position.

Stay forward and fast with your choice of saddle style, size and size-specific curvature.

Colour Details
Beauty is in the detail.  Wheel transfers, m tyres, cable housing, bar tape…… choose your colours to co-ordinate or clash.