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At Big Bear Bikes we want to make choosing and buying your new bike a fantastic experience and we want to make sure you get the right bike for you - one that will bring you miles of smiles!

Our team are warm, friendly, professional and of course experts in all things bikes.  In fact, we pride ourselves on being complete bike geeks, but we talk your language and our 1-1 consultations are the best way to get the most help and have the most fun choosing your new bike.

Five reasons a 1:1 consultation could be perfect for you:

1. Relaxing and enjoyable shopping

This experience is a relaxed one, where you can take your time talking to an expert who will make it easy for you to choose the right bike. We simplify the choice by advising on the bikes that best suit your needs.

2. It's the easiest way to buy

Nothing beats the simplicity and joy of walking into the store knowing a member of our team is looking forward to showing you some great bikes - no waiting around, no asking for help - just your very own personal shopper helping you get your hands on what you want as quickly as possible.

3. Get the right advice

You know what type of bike you want and how much you want to spend, but you've had a 'tonne' of advice from friends and the internet: one of our team can simply help you clarify that decision.  Many of our customers are couples looking at buying their first or second pair of ebikes and just want some help with what type of ebike they need and what motor and battery setup it's best to go for.

4. Take a test ride or two

We've got the time for all the family to test ride a bike or two!  Maybe you are thinking about investing in a bike for fitness, but aren't sure whether you need a standard bike or an ebike?  Let us show you both and after a couple of test rides, you will know the answer. 

5. Talk the latest tech with people who know

Maybe for you it's about talking technical, choosing the best specification and possibly some detailed customisation. Whether it's bike weight, frames, group sets, wheel upgrades, or you want the low-down on the latest battery tech - this will be perfect for you. We will even let you drool over the latest upgrades like SRAM AXS wireless transmission for mountain, road or gravel bikes. If you want to talk to passionate riders who really know their stuff and can help you spec and set-up your new ride, book a 1:1 consultation now. 

A personal consultation includes:

Please note, we think choosing the right bike is a serious thing, and our 1-1 consultations typically last between 45 minutes and 90 minutes.  However, flexibility is the key to our approach, and you can have as little or as much time as you want.

Why not make a visit of it. 

Pickering is a lovely market town and known as the gateway to the North Yorkshire Moors and National Park.  In the town we have the famous, steam railway (aka TV's All Aboard) and Mathewson's Classic Vehicle Auctions (aka TV's Bangers & Cash), not to mention numerous cafes and coffee shops.  We are just a 'short hop' away from the beautiful Dalby Forest, Whitby and the Yorkshire coast.

We look forward to welcoming you in the shop and many thanks for visiting our website

David & Jane Beeley

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