Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes offer a versatile ride that combines enjoyment and increased comfort to create a fun ride that will see you appreciating every journey, task or commute.

Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes are perfect for ditching the car and tackling daily tasks and journeys. Often equipped with commute-ready accessories such as mudguards, lights and carrying racks, commuter bikes can take you anywhere and everywhere that you would need to go around towns and cities, or even more rugged terrains with some featuring suspensions setups.

Leisure Bikes

Leisure bikes are built for what bicycling is all about. If you want to just hop on, enjoy life on two wheels and really appreciate the ride, these hybrids are perfect. They have a relaxed, comfortable riding position and generous saddles to keep you enjoying every journey for longer.

Hybrid Fitness Bikes

Fitness bikes are the ultimate multi-talented ride. If you’re looking for a bike that can keep you fit, get you going with pace, and be a capable commuter for more daily tasks, fitness hybrids are what you’re looking for. They usually feature thinner tyres, like a road bike, but with standard handlebars for a comfier and more casual riding position.

Electric City Bikes

Electric city bikes are great for fun journeys out on the saddle, commuting round town or even pedalling to get some exercise. With lots of leg-boosting power they will keep you cycling for longer and can make any tough journey easy.