Cycle to Work on a £3,000 bike that costs you as little as £2,000!

Cycle to Work on a £3,000 bike that costs you as little as £2,000!

Cycle to Work on a £3,000 bike that costs you as little as £2,000!

Many of us dream of a better morning commute; no dull moments sitting in traffic, a chance to take in your surroundings, and a feeling of accomplishment on arriving to the office.

Cycling can be a great alternative to traditional transport, allowing you to ditch the car keys, hop on the saddle, and make a stylish entrance into the office.

Whether you drive to work or use public transport, the financial benefits of choosing to cycle between home and work are huge. Tickets, petrol, parking payments, maintenance costs, and congestion charge savings add up fast, with Cycling Scheme UK estimating that commuters can save over £3000 a year when switching to a bike for even short daily journeys.

But there are also other advantages which can be enjoyed when leaving the car at home; regular cycling promotes mental wellbeing, boosts your energy levels ahead of a busy day at the office, and puts a spring in your step through improved physical fitness.

What’s more, you’ll also be giving the planet a helpful boost too, reducing your carbon footprint while you make tracks.

If you’re interested in switching up your travel routine, Big Bear Bikes stock a range of models suitable for your new commute. Here are our top picks:

Allant+ 5 Stagger

A versatile e-bike that combines performance and comfort in equal measure, the Allant+ 5 Stagger is the ultimate commuter model. Incorporating many of the latest mountain bike features, its road-smoothing suspension fork makes for maximum comfort out on the road, and strain-resistant 27.5” wheels and thru axles mean you can push this bike to its limits – without wearing it out, or you either.

Its powerful Gen 4 Bosch drive system assists at speeds up to 20mph, so whether you’re struggling with energy levels early in the morning, or looking for an extra boost after a long day on shift, the power is there to speed you from A to B. Ideal for the work commute, shopping, leisure, and local trips on the weekend through country lanes and bridleways.

What are the specs?

The Trek Allant+ 5 Stagger features:

  • Premium Bosch lithium-ion battery with 500Wh
  • 27.5” wheels for confident handling
  • Suspension lockout for efficient riding
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – strongest brake power whatever the weather
  • Bosch Performance Line CX (250 W, 85Nm)
  • Front and rear lights, mudguard, and a rear rack

What makes the Trek Allant+ 5 the bike for you?

Suitable for city roads and rougher terrain alike, the Allant+ 5 has the adaptability to meet your needs whatever your profession. For steep inclines, slip down a gear, boost up to ‘tour’ and feel the incline vanish. This model has the range to comfortably handle longer commutes, with a well-designed geometry and riding position and get you to your destination in style without sacrificing comfort.

Dual Sport 2 Equipped

Go anywhere, anytime, for any reason with the Dual Sport 2 Equipped. No other model does versatility quite like this powerful hybrid. Dirt tracks, tarmac, and cobbled streets – this bike can handle them all.

Ideal for both longer commutes and short errands in town, the Dual Sport 2 can go the distance. Its tough aluminium frame and suspension fork with lockout means this beauty keeps you comfortable no matter the terrain. Late-night and early morning journeys are made safer with high-quality lights, mudguard keep your work attire clean as a whistle, and built-in rear rack allows you to carry work equipment with you easy-breezy.

Wide, fast-rolling Bontrager all-terrain tyres mean you’ll have no problem out on the trails during weekends, either.

What are the specs?

  • Suspension fork with lockout
  • Shimano 2X9 drivetrain with wide gear range
  • Dynamo front hub – powers your lights
  • Wide fast-rolling Bontrager tyres for extra traction – suitable for various terrains
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Ergonomic grips, mudguards, a MIK-compatible rear rack, lights and kickstand

Why is the Dual Sport 2 Equipped the model for you?

You’re looking for a bike that can be styled your way; available in a range of sizes and frame styles, and customisable with fenders, racks, bottle cages and other stylish accessories.

Those seeking an adaptable bike that can mould to the needs and demands of your busy life will also appreciate the Dual Sport 2 Equipped for its flexibility – handling whatever riding style and whatever terrain with total ease. An efficient ride where you’re in complete control thanks to the fork’s lockout features, you’ll feel confident and in control whatever your commute looks like.

Cycle to Work Scheme

The government’s Cycle to Work scheme is a free employee benefit which helps more people to get cycling to work and improve their wellbeing.

Many employers give their workers the option of purchase new cycling equipment without paying tax or national insurance – allowing budding cyclists to save up to 48% off the original price of their new equipment.

Big Bear Bikes partners with the national Cycle to Work Scheme to offer you incredible savings on your new commuter bike. With the Allant+ 5 Stagger, for example, you could save between £800 and £1150 off the sale price depending on your salary – keeping more money in your pocket. So effectively, you pay around £2,000 for bike that's worth over £3,000! 

We also offer a range of finance options for those who find that their Cycle to Work voucher doesn’t cover their chosen model cost.

Why not take advantage of this great incentive and get a new bike today.

Call us on 01751 474220 or visit our Pickering showroom for the ultimate Big Bear Bikes experience.

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