Haibike Trekking Is Perfect For Days Out In The Saddle

Haibike Trekking Is Perfect For Days Out In The Saddle

Haibike Trekking Is Perfect For Days Out In The Saddle

Trekking is a style of riding we’ve definitely seen grow in the past couple of years, partly as an off-shoot of the mushrooming popularity of e-bikes. As e-bike technology has made these machines lighter and more affordable, longer days in the saddle and greater distances have become achievable for a lot more people.

So trekking bikes have evolved out of this, a kind of halfway between mountain bikes and hybrids with meatier wheels than a commuter hybrid but with a more relaxed and upright posture than a mountain bike to make all-day riding more comfortable.

We think Haibike’s aptly named Trekking is going to become hugely popular, with a great spec for a very reasonable price. Here’s everything you need to know…

Who’s it for?

Haibike Trekking is ideal if you’re looking for a versatile machine that can handle varied terrain and different styles of riding, whether it’s for leisure or on the daily commute. It’s perfect for off-road touring where you’re covering a substantial distance at a relaxed pace, taking in the great views of the countryside as you’re passing through or pausing for a picnic. All models come equipped with mudguards, fitted lights and pannier rack for storing the essentials, so they score well on practicality too.

Trekking bikes as a category don’t necessarily come with an electric motor but all Haibike Trekking models do, so they’re ideal if you want that assistance for steeper hills and longer distances. Each specification level comes in a choice of high, mid and low bars so they cater brilliantly for people who prefer to step through when mounting.

How much does Haibike Trekking cost?

The range goes from £2,449 for the Trekking 4 up to £3,849 for the Trekking 10 and £4,099 for the Trekking 11.

What are the specs?

We’ll look in detail at the Haibike Trekking 6 Mid, which is around the middle of the range, and retails at £2,699.

Let’s start with the power behind the bike. This model comes with a powerful Yamaha PW-ST System with assistance up to 25kmh (15.5mph) and a 500Wh InTube battery (630Wh in the 2022 model for a slightly higher price). The display is a Yamaha Side Switch 1.7" LCD with seven functions.

The frame is a Haibike Aluminium 6061 and, suspension-wise, the front fork is an SR Suntour NEX E25 with 63mm travel to soften the bumps. Front and rear brakes are the Alhonga HT474 hydraulic disc brakes while the gears feature Shimano Deore M4120 rear derailleur and Shimano Deore M4100 shift lever with trigger switch. Headlights come ready-installed, with the Haibike Skybeamer 150 50-lumens on the front and AXA Juno e-bike on the rear.

Those are the key points of the spec but there’s a lot more to it. Haibike really have packed a lot of quality into the componentry for this price point and our team can take you through it all in store.

Our team’s verdict

Alex said: “Haibike Trekking are really versatile bikes. They would be perfectly happy on the green trails at Dalby Forest and the blue ones if you want to push it. They’re also at home on the road. But where they really come into their own is on gravel-type surfaces like the Cinder Track on the old Whitby to Scarborough rail route and the Rosedale Railway Cycle Route.”

Come and see us in store in Southgate, Pickering, where we’ve got a wide range of Haibike Trekking models, colour ways and sizes to choose from. You can ask questions of our friendly, expert team, including anything you want to know about owning and riding an e-bike. You can also have a go on the bike you have in mind in our test ride area.

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