Introducing The Haibike Trekking – Now In Store at Big Bear Bikes

Introducing The Haibike Trekking – Now In Store at Big Bear Bikes

Introducing The Haibike Trekking – Now In Store at Big Bear Bikes

‘When an e-road bike won’t manage the terrain, but an e-MTB is overkill; you need Haibike Trekking.’

The Haibike Trekking is a range of hybrid e-bikes that are all-rounders for cruising in towns and cities, commuting to work or enjoying extended rides in the countryside. They are versatile hybrids built to escort you in comfort, style and with great convenience.

The frame geometry puts the rider in a comfortable, upright position, making this the perfect bike for everyday riders who need an extra kick of power to get through every journey. All models are packed with powerful motors, and batteries that excel in smooth acceleration, so you’ll be pedalling for longer and ditching the car for good!

‘Haibike Trekking gives you the confidence to go anywhere with all your gear.’

Travelling to work each day? Thinking of going on a week-long, cross-country adventure? That decision is yours! These commuter e-bikes have thick tyres which means they can be taken off the tarmac and if you really want to go off-roading there is space for even bigger mountain bike tyres.

Commute-ready accessories include mudguards to stop dirt splattering your back in all weather, a big rear carrying rack to strap all your bags and equipment to, powerful lights so you can be out no matter what time of day, and a kickstand for ultimate ease of use. This e-hybrid is truly ready for everyday use.

The Haibike Trekking range starts at the Trekking 4, priced at £2,449 right through to the top of the range Trekking 11 and everything in between. Haibike have created brilliant electric hybrids that have an incredible amount of spec options to get one just right for you. This also includes full suspension versions of the otherwise hardtail bikes. 

Components such as the motor, battery and suspension fork are upgraded throughout the range, making this range of Trekking bikes one of incredible quality and very competitive for the price mark. The unusual frame concept, voluminous tubes and big front headlight stops you from blending into the crowd on a run-of-the-mill bike. This bike is recognisable, something that many bike manufacturers have tried to nail for years but have failed.

To check out the full range of Haibike Trekking hybrids, and the vast array of other bikes we stock, visit Big Bear Bikes at our Pickering store for the ultimate buying experience, to test ride everything we have to offer and get the perfect bike for you.

Below are a few key specs of the most affordable Haibike Trekking in the range, as well as the most premium Trekking and our personal favourite.

The Most Affordable - Haibike Trekking 4:


  • Yamaha PW-TE Drive System, 60 Nm
  • Yamaha InTube 500Wh battery
  • SR Suntour NEX E25, 63mm travel

The Top-End Trekking 11:


  • Bosch Performance CX Smart System, 85Nm
  • Bosch PowerTube 750Wh
  • RockShox Recon Silver Fork, 100mm travel

Our Pick – Trekking 7:


  • Yamaha PW-ST System, 70 Nm
  • Yamaha InTube 630Wh battery
  • SR Suntour Mobie A32, 75 mm travel
  • Shimano Deore 11-speed groupset

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