What’s On-Trend This Year? We Pick The Must-Haves For 2021

What’s On-Trend This Year? We Pick The Must-Haves For 2021

What’s On-Trend This Year? We Pick The Must-Haves For 2021

As bike fans ourselves, we always have our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and newest products. Driven by improvements in technology and innovative thinking, every year brings new ideas to market and once-expensive components into a price bracket non-pros can afford. Here are our thoughts on the top five must-haves this year, compiled by Jack, Alex and Mike.

Carbon Wheels

With product maturity overcoming teething problems and bringing prices down, carbon wheels have now been around for a while and issues like braking in the wet and affordability have been addressed. Carbon wheels make for a lighter, more aerodynamic bike with sharper steering and more precision on the trails so you can pick your lines with confidence. On top of that, the Bontrager Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Programme means you don’t need to worry about your carbon wheels as they come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.


This is definitely one where advances in technology have made something more affordable, more appealing and more worthwhile, with lower prices, improved styling and better battery life. Whatever your interest, whether it’s road, MTB or commute, having an e-bike is a real leveller, enabling you to ride in a group of mixed ability and be confident you can maintain the pace, even when the road or trail goes uphill. An e-bike will allow you to complete more runs or simply travel further and faster. Here’s our pick of e-bikes in stock at BBB. 

Go Digital On Gears

Digital gears have become common place in the road bike scene and are now becoming a serious consideration for mountain bike enthusiasts too.  We’re seriously impressed by Shimano’s Di2 range. Di2 stands for “Digital Integrated Intelligence” and that’s exactly what you get. Di2 gives you instant, accurate shifts every time, at the push of a button, even for wide gearing shifts.  In the most extreme conditions, shifting is precise and controlled and charging is only required a handful of times a year for the typical rider. We also love the eTap range from SRAM and have recently taken delivery of the latest GX digital upgrade available in store. Come and see us in-store for help and advice about digital gears.

Totally Tubeless

Tubeless tyres mean no flats – well almost – and are great if you’re looking for weight savings and better grip. They can be ridden at lower pressures, improving traction off-road and offering improved comfort and rolling performance on rough surfaces. As there’s no innertube, there’s no friction between tyre and tube and many punctures will self-seal, with those that don’t being easy to fix with a tyre plug. Take a look the range from Muc-Off or talk to our team if you want to know more.

TLC For Your Bike

A comprehensive service is a great idea to get your ride back to its optimal state. Like any mechanical object, your bike will gradually lose performance as it picks up bumps and bangs, and dirt and grime gets into the various nooks and crannies, no matter how fastidious you are about cleaning and maintenance. We offer a range of service and maintenance options. Look after your bike and your bike will look after you.

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