Protect Your Prized Possession With Ride Wrap

Protect Your Prized Possession With Ride Wrap

Protect Your Prized Possession With Ride Wrap

Big Bear Bikes are proud to announce we are the first UK dealer able to professionally fit Ride Wrap to your bike in-store today. What does this mean for you? Well, if you want to protect your prized possession, your sparkling new bike, from dirt and scratches with the best protective film wrap on the market, read on…

Picture this: you’ve just spent your cash on the latest and greatest bike you’ve been eyeing up for ages. It’s the bike to beat. You feel like a rockstar on it and everyone you see wants to check it out. It looks amazing – and so do you.

You get to your favourite spot and are flying along the best stretch of the red route, totally in your flow, loving the bike and taking on jumps with more confidence than ever. You’re loving every second.

After a thrilling ride, you stop for a water break, but as you grab your bottle from its cage you realise…your stunning new ride… covered in dirt and scratches, never to be the same again. Why didn’t you think? Why didn’t you protect it?

What is Ride Wrap?

Ride Wrap is the answer to all dirt and damage; a self-healing hydrophobic protective coating made to prevent chips, scratches and dirt from getting to the paintwork of your bike. Ride wrap not only repels dirt and water, but minor marks and scuffs will disappear in the sun too!

Who's it for?

If you've invested in the bike of your dreams and want it to continue looking fresh, even after ripping it down some gnarly trails in the dirt, Ride Wrap is the answer. It’s a thick, durable and invisible protective layer that comes in a matt or gloss finish, tailor-made to your bike model and size to give your ride the ultimate protection. Ride Wrap is even more perfect if you are buying a new bike in store as we can fit it the same day!

With a specially-made Ride Wrap super cutter now in our Pickering store, capable of wrapping over 7000 bike models, we are the first dealer in the UK able to professionally fit Ride Wrap, keeping your bike looking better for longer.

Key Features:

  • Self-healing vinyl ensures scrapes, wear and chips don’t make it to your paintwork
  • Minor marks and scuffs will disappear with the sun
  • Hydrophobic layer means less dirt sticks to your bike
  • 10-year warranty against discolouration and cracking
  • Available in matte or gloss
  • Specifically tailor-made to your model and size
  • Fork kit protection available
  • Narrow seams offer the fullest available coverage on the market
  • In-store super cutter capable of wrapping over 7000 bike models

So, if you’ve just spent your hard-earned cash on a top-notch bike, or you already have the bike of your dreams that you want to keep looking as good as when you bought it, head into the Big Bear Bikes store in Pickering where we can now protect your bike with the best wrap on the market to keep it looking spotless and awesome.

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