Turbo Trainers: What they are, who they're for and six great clearance deals available right now!

Turbo Trainers: What they are, who they're for and six great clearance deals available right now!

Turbo Trainers: What they are, who they're for and six great clearance deals available right now!

It’s freezing cold outside, the roads are icy but that doesn't have to stop you working on your fitness, taking on that distance challenge and getting in the zone for your best ever year on your bike. With a turbo trainer you can ride your bike indoors, so no matter the weather or the time of day, nothing needs to stop you in your quest for being fitter, stronger and ready to smash your goals in 2022.

If you're new to turbo trainers, we give you the low down below. But if you already know your stuff then head straight to the fantastic clearance deals we have in store right now on six models which are profiled further on. If you want one, be quick as we’ve knocked up to £300 off our stock of turbo trainers and only have a few of each at the time of writing.

What are turbo trainers all about?

Turbo trainers give you the chance to train indoors, meaning you can easily add to your training regimes in a way that fits in with your lifestyle. These are static devices that provide a form of resistance that replicates the feeling of the road, with simpler models offering rollers to rest your rear wheel on and more advanced ones integrating with your drive train.

One thing we love about them is that you can jump straight on your bike and belt out a session without the need to get fully kitted up and also having to clean your bike afterwards. You can choose between a short and fast ride with some tunes in your earphones or you can go for a longer endurance ride while binge-watching your favourite Netflix show.  

The development of apps like Zwift have been a major boost for turbo trainers as the monotonous scenery of a blank wall has been replaced by racing world-famous routes, climbs and virtual competitions, as well as the social aspect of talking to friends who are riding along with you. Some app and turbo trainer combos even replicate the feeling of going uphill and downhill by altering resistance automatically. There’s also lots of accessories such as towels, sweat mats, powerful fans and water bottles, many of which you can find in store at Big Bear Bikes.

How do they vary?

There are two main types of turbo trainers: direct drive and wheel-on. With a direct drive turbo trainer the bike attaches directly to the trainer at the rear dropouts and the bike’s chain drives a cassette that’s connected to the trainer. A wheel-on trainer involves placing the rear wheel of the bike on a roller which the wheel pushes against and generates resistance. 

There are also differing forms of resistance - fan, magnetic and fluid - each with their own pros and cons. As you might guess, a fan turbo trainer has a fan which creates resistance as you pedal but adjustability is limited and they are noisy. A magnetic turbo trainer features a magnetic plate inside the roller’s resistance unit which can be adjusted to offer different levels of resistance. These are more expensive than fans but offer more adjustability and are much quieter. Finally, a fluid turbo trainer works via an impeller - a finned rotor - in a fluid-filled unit which increases the harder you pedal. Fluid trainers are very efficient and effective but also more expensive, though they are the quietest of the three, so ideal if you don’t want to annoy the family. 

Which should I choose?

Ultimately, your choice of turbo trainer will depend on how serious you are about training and how much you want to spend. Check out the six great options we have in store right now and the fantastic clearance prices below.

Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer

RRP £849.99 Sale £550 

The Saris H3 is a direct drive smart trainer that touts a sound specification of 59 decibels at 20 mph, which is five times quieter than previous generations. The H3 features the same reliability and durability as its predecessors, and encased inside are components meticulously calibrated to measure power, speed and cadence, as well as a precision-balanced flywheel. This is all built to handle 2,000 watts and replicate a 20% climbing grade.

Key features

  • Quieter than ever: all new drive system shaves decibels off previous generations
  • Precise training: +/- 2% power accuracy
  • Controlled and consistent: electromagnetic resistance provides a measured workout every time
  • Direct drive design: widest bike compatibility and eliminates wheel slips
  • No external sensors required: measures speed, cadence and power
  • Seamless Integration: connects to indoor cycling apps with dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS standards.
  • Zwift certified.
  • BKOOL certified.

Tacx FLUX 2 Smart Trainer

RRP £700 Sale £499

This trainer has been redesigned to let you track your performance and progress with reliable, consistent measurements, including power, speed and cadence. The well-balanced design and large footprint of the FLUX 2 Smart trainer ensures maximum stability, even during the most explosive sprints

It also enables you to get the most out of your intense workouts by training on realistically simulated inclines up to a 16% gradient, with a 7.6 kg flywheel to ensure a realistic ride feel and good responsiveness.

Key features:

  • Power, speed and cadence measured accurately within 2.5%
  • Excellent sprint stability up to 2,000 watts
  • Realistically simulated inclines up to 16% gradient
  • 7.6 kg flywheel ensures a realistic ride feel 
  • Designed to bring vibration and noise levels to the absolute minimum
  • Axle compatibility with 142x12 mm and 148x12 mm axles 
  • Bluetooth compatible smart technology and ANT+® FE-C protocol
  • Works with popular apps such as TrainerRoad and Zwift

SARIS M2 Smart Trainer

RRP £499.99 Sale £329.00

This Saris M2 smart trainer is a great choice whether you want to attend a group ride in Zwift, climb the Dolomites in ROUVY or simply need a sweat session. All you need is your bike, the M2, your favourite indoor cycling app and device of choice.

This do-it-all, smart bike trainer is capable of replicating any workout thrown its way, up to 1,500 watts and a 15% climbing grade. Simply connect to your indoor cycling application of choice via integrated dual-band ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth, and let the M2’s electromagnetic response system do the rest. And thanks to integrated speed, cadence and power data, you can track and record performance data without extra external sensors. 

Key features

  • +/- 5% accurate power readings
  • Controlled, electromagnetic resistance provides a precise workout every time
  • Seamlessly connects to indoor cycling apps with dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth standards
  • Integrated cadence, speed and power data – no external sensors needed
  • Zwift certified

Saris Fluid² Trainer Smart Equipped

RRP £279.99 Sale £169.00

The Saris Fluid² is the ideal setup for budget-conscious riders looking to join fun, virtual communities, like Rouvy and Zwift, without a traditional smart trainer. Saris have achieved this by pairing their top selling bike trainer (see below) with a separate, smart speed sensor.

Simply install the magnetless speed sensor on the rear wheel of your bike, mount your bike to the solid Fluid² trainer with Saris’ innovative clutch knob, connect to your indoor cycling app of choice via Bluetooth or ANT+ and you’re ready to go.

Key features

  • Fluid resistance unit provides a quiet and consistent ride
  • Progressive resistance offers the widest resistance range and road-like feel
  • Speed sensor connects you with Rouvy, Zwift and other indoor cycling apps
  • Leveller adds stability to your ride and keeps bike level with the trainer

Saris Fluid² Trainer

RRP £239.99 Sale £159.00

The Fluid² from Saris helps you get the most out of each indoor training ride, whether you’re looking to improve your health, increase speed or simply fit in some time to yourself. The large, precision-balanced flywheel with patented fan design lets you easily customise each ride simply by shifting gears, just as you would outside. 

This design also helps keep your Fluid² working better for longer. And thanks to Saris’ built-to-last manufacturing process, the Fluid² can help you conquer one goal after the next. Want to train with Zwift or Rouvy? All you need is a speed sensor. 

 Key features

  • Fluid resistance unit provides a quiet and consistent ride
  • Progressive resistance offers the widest resistance range and road-like feel
  • Hugely popular - biggest seller in the US
  • Compatible with Zwift and other indoor cycling apps

Saris Mag Trainer

RRP £149.99 Sale £99.00

No fancy gizmos. No wires. No fuss. The Saris Mag Trainer is perfect if you’re looking for an easy way to ride your bike indoors.

Whether you're training for a local charity ride or working to beat your friend’s FitBit score, the Mag indoor bike trainer can help you make it happen. Simply connect the trainer to the rear wheel of your bike, hop on and pedal away, with a choice of five adjustable levels of resistance.

Key features

  • Magnetic resistance unit provides a quiet and frictionless ride
  • Linear resistance boosts workout intensity to match each pedal stroke and gear click
  • Features five adjustable levels of resistance
  • Compatible with Zwift and other indoor training apps.

Come along to our store in Southgate, Pickering to check out our range of turbo trainers at fantastic clearance prices. Talk to our friendly, expert team, have a go on our demo set-ups and you’re ready to roll!

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