You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first, would you? There are now so many different types of bike with many different features such as size of wheels, number of gears and disc brakes!

If you’re buying a bike:

At Big Bear Bikes we have over 150 bikes of all types and sizes for you to test ride around our large test ride area. This safe environment lets riders of any age and ability test ride as many bikes as they want under the guidance of one of BBB’s expert and friendly team. Sometimes it takes just one visit and five minutes, sometimes it takes several visits and lots of rides. So, take your time, ride some bikes and have some fun.

At Big Bear Bikes it’s all about getting the right bike for you! The right type of bike, the right size and the right fit. Want to take it further and demo ride? If you are thinking of buying that high-end, full-suspension mountain bike or carbon road bike then we have a large fleet of demo bikes that you can take to the trails or the roads.

For more information or just to have a chat please call us or drop in - we are open 5 days a week.

Tel.01751 474220 or email

We offer 0% finance on all cycle and accessory purchases and if you are eligible, we are registered with all the major ‘Cycle to Work’ schemes such as Halfords and Cyclescheme.