Road Bikes

Road bikes are built with thin frames and tyres for optimum performance on the roads. Here, we list the different types of road bikes available, so you can choose the bike that will keep you cycling with a grin for longer.


Built with aerodynamics at the forefront of the design, these bikes are for racers who want to go as fast as possible with as little drag. A low frontal position and narrower components, including forks, frames and seatpost means these bikes will see you slice through the wind with ease. If you want a bike that has every possible advantage when speed matters most, an Aero bike is the way to go.


Endurance bikes are best suited to long-distance riders, with a more comfortable, upright position. They are robust and durable, great for every day, slightly rougher roads due to them often having wider tyres which provides a smoother ride with less road vibration. These bikes are the type of road bikes most road cyclists will prefer, due to their increased comfort and smoother rides on long distances.


Lightweight road bikes are engineered for those who love to climb. As they say on the tin, they are super lightweight, made to elevate acceleration and ascending steep hills. They offer a fast, versatile ride, somewhere in between an Aero and an Endurance bike.


Gravel road bikes are happy on both roads and many types of off-road surfaces. With a comfortable build and greater clearances for thicker tyres, they are adaptable to rugged terrains and winter riding. They also have disc brakes, designed for stopping quicker in worse conditions. If you want a road bike you can head out on and not have to worry where the day takes you, get a Gravel bike.

Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes are perfect for the roadies out there that need some extra leg power to keep them riding as if in their prime. If you love road cycling but are struggling to keep up or climb steep hills, an electric is perfect. It will keep you going for longer so you can enjoy every ride to the full.