No matter what the motivation - whether you are a novice craving comfort or an experienced rider wanting to maximise your speed, deliverable power and riding longevity - no-one is better equipped to help guide your bike selection and improve your riding than our experienced, professionally trained Bike Fit Technicians.

TREK certified bike fit £199 - Please allow 3 hours

The Precision Fit Process

Precision Fit couples a personal understanding of your relationship with cycling and your bicycle with advanced sport science technologies and quantitative analysis.  Precision Fit considers both preference and performance, making it applicable to anyone who is hoping to get more enjoyment out of their bicycle.


During the interview, the Precision Fit technician will get an idea of who you are as a rider, and who you want to be. The interview considers physical fitness, the type of riding you primarily do or want to do, and any current or past injuries you might have.  We’ll also ask about where you experience discomfort on the bike.  Our technicians are first trained to listen, and this is where the process is tailored to you.

Off-bike Assessment

The off-bike assessment is an exhaustive series of measurements and tests that determine proper sizing in addition to providing a baseline measure of strength and flexibility.  The technician will evaluate alignment and size of critical body parts and take an assessment of your posture.  You will perform basic strength exercises and flexibility tests to see what type of set up your body can actually handle.  This accurate sense of where you are physically will guide the technician as you move onto the bike.

On-bike Assessment

With a thorough understanding of your background, goals and physiology, it is now time to step onto the bike.  The on-bike assessment works from the ground up, evaluating proper positioning of the saddle for optimal knee bend.  The technician will set up your cleats, ensuring that you are centred over the pedal and getting maximum power output with each stroke.  They will evaluate your posture and adjust handlebar length and position to give you a neutral spine, the most comfortable and efficient position to sit on the bike.

Fit Bike

Technological analysis all begins with the Fit Bike, a Purely Custom designed tool that allows for a wide range of adjustment in both front and rear and is linked with software to analyse everything from power output to rider positioning. Everything adjustable on a bicycle is adjustable down to the millimetre on the Fit Bike, and many adjustments can be made while the rider is pedalling, allowing them to instantly feel the difference that minute changes can make. Different riding conditions can be simulated.

Saddle Pressure Analysis

Saddle selection and adjustment is hugely important to both comfort and performance. Until Precision Fit, these adjustments had to be made based on the rider’s subjective explanation of how they felt in the saddle. Using a pressure-activated board linked to analysis software, we can identify where your sit bones are, your exact location on the saddle and pressure points that are problematic. This allows the technician to make adjustments down to the millimetre, and continually evaluate their efficacy in reducing pressure points and improving positioning on the bike.

Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis

The human eye can comprehend approximately 17 frames per second and is unable to catch many of the smallest motions made on the bike.  Precision Fit employs a 60 frame-per-second Motion Capture Camera to identify the subtlest intricacies of your pedal stroke and positioning.  Coupled with analysis software, the images that this camera provides are compared against a desired set of angular norms and ranges to identify inconsistencies.  By utilising this high-speed video, technicians are able to conduct an analysis of your biomechanics and movement that simply could not be done as thoroughly with the naked eye.

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