Santa Cruz has a brand new home at Big Bear Bikes. 

We are delighted to announce that Santa Cruz has arrived in store at out showroom in Pickering, North Yorkshire.  This is your chance to ride with the mountain bike legends including some of the world’s leading mountain, e-bikes and gravel bikes. 

Santa Cruz needs no introduction, hailing from California, today it is one of the world's leading brands. Their Virtual Pivot Point or VPP has taken suspension to the next level and their life time rider support policy is unrivalled with a lifetime warranty on the frame, lifetime bearing replacement and lifetime support.  We love their mantra of "No Missed Rides"!

Come and get to know the brand for yourself, with the full range available on our website and the most popular bikes available to test ride at our showroom including the Nomad, Bronson, Megatower, Heckler and Heckler SL.  We cant't wait to introduce you!


Santa Cruz Nomad

 170mm | MX

Ready to go wherever, whenever…

The Santa Cruz Nomad is perfect for the relentless rider, who packs in the laps. 

This is a big hitting long travel bike ready to smash the biggest, fastest and hardest hitting trails.

With 170mm front and rear travel you won’t bottom out. You’ll be rocking a 29-inch wheel up front and 27.5 inch rear wheel with our MX set up giving you the best in traction and stability.

The Nomad comes in two stunning colourways -  a bold Gloss Marigold Yellow or a Matte Liquid Blue.


Santa Cruz Bullit

 170mm | MX | eMTB

Faster than a speeding…

Big Power, a big battery and a burly build. The Bullit is a downhill bike with a motor strapped to it!

This bike has huge travel and is most at home when the trails are most mental.  With the Bullit you can fly down the gnarliest of descents - it comes with 170mm travel and a mixed wheel configuration (29 inch at the front and 27.5 at the back).

Top and bottom of it; the Bullit is the nearest thing to owning a mountain bike and a chairlift.


Santa Cruz Megatower 165mm | 29"

For the rowdy rider…

Ready to hit the tracks hard? Wanting to smash some challenging terrains but still chase top speeds? 

Then you’ve met your match in the Megatower. 

Get geared up for long travel and immense pedal ability, with 170mm front travel and 165mm rear travel, paired with an MX (Mullet) wheel setup. Perfect for those big gravity rides. Not forgetting that handy in-frame storage for your riding essentials.


Santa Cruz Bronson 150mm | MX

Perfect for Air Time…

If you’re going all in, on one bike, the Bronson is the one! 

With 160mm at the front and 150mm travel at the rear paired with an MX (Mullet) wheel set up, this bike is up for any challenge but the question is…are you? 

The Bronson is ready for anything, test ride it today at our Pickering showroom.


Santa Cruz Heckler 150mm | MX | 29" | eMTB

Big power and all day range make the Heckler the go-to electric mountain bike for anyone wanting big adventures or to session their favourite descents.

The huge 720 Wh battery means you can go further and the torquey motor will get you back to the top of the trail section in no time.


Santa Cruz Heckler SL 150mm | MX |eMTB

Light but Sneaky…

Like the sound of the Heckler but looking for a lighter weight more natural feeling ride? Meet the Heckler SL.

Don’t be fooled, the Heckler SL is plenty powerful.  With the FAZUA RIDE 60 drive unit, you will have no trouble with any climb, and combined with the 430Wh battery you are choosing a super light electric mountain bike build. With front travel 160mm and rear travel 150mm, and a mixed wheel set up (29-inch at the front and 27.5-inch rear) - the Heckler SL will give you all the feels of a mountain bike but with added boost.


Santa Cruz Hightower SL 145mm | 29"

The mountain bike distilled…

Big Power, medium travel and zero fuss - the Hightower is a superb choice for anyone wanting a versatile mountain bike at home on local trails and taking the occasional trip into the mountains. This is the ultimate all-rounder.


Santa Cruz 5010 SL 130mm | MX

Deft of touch…

The 5010 makes even the most mundane trails feel like they're loaded with features to hop, skip and jump over. It's light, lively and makes you feel like you have mad skills. The 5010 has always been more capable than many expected but with the traction-gaining 29-inch wheel up front and even more refined suspension the 5010 gives you a deft touch on the trails.  This might just be the best handling mountain bike ever made.


Santa Cruz Tallboy SL 120mm | 29"

Crazy pedalling efficiency…

The Tallboy has earned a loyal following amongst those who seek a go-to bike that will hold up to the relentless hammering of "power hour" hot laps or long days in the saddle harvesting the best trails. The highly-refined VPP™ suspension on the Tallboy combines pedaling efficiency and all-out bump-chomping prowess. If ever there was a gravity riders’ XC bike, the Tallboy is it.