The electric bikes scene is growing fast and owning your own e-bike really will change your riding life!  Here we breakdown the type of electric bike available to you, ensuring that the bike you choose will put a smile on your face and be all you need every time you ride it

Enduro Full Suspension

Designed for the rough and tough, these full suspension electric endurance bikes can power through the toughest terrains, tracks and trails with great cushioning, and are perfect for blasting challenging descents. With a big kick of power, they will keep you on your favourite trails for even longer, so you can continue ripping up the big stuff.

Trekking Full Suspension

Trekking full suspension electric bikes come prepared with accessories perfect for rugged commutes and longer treks. Dual suspension will allow you to tackle the toughest territory with great comfort and cushioning, and to enjoy every ride while carrying everything you need for the day. And when you start to slow down or need help getting up a steep climb, the electric assist is ready to kick in and power you through.

Hardtail – MTN

Electric hardtail bikes are a great choice for riding along firetrack paths, country lanes and the occasional blast around tougher trails. With front suspension, these bikes are ideal all-rounders that are versatile for both rough and smooth terrains. And with electric assist, these e-mountain bikes will push you up steep hills and keep you moving when you’re struggling for leg power.

Hardtail – Trekking

Hardtail Trekking bikes combine quick and efficient country landscape riding with commute-ready kit and accessories such as mudguards, lights and carrying racks. With a Hardtail Trekking, you will be all set for commuting trips and adventures on slightly smoother off-road and country journeys. The added boost of power will keep you going for even longer.