Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are built for all types of off-roading. From country lanes and tracks to rugged trails, we break down the options available to you so you can get the best mountain bike for your riding needs.

Enduro Full Suspension

If you love blasting round your favourite trails, no matter how rugged the terrain, and want a bike that will provide all the support and cushioning to smash jumps and bumpy rides, an Enduro full suspension is what you need. They are resilient endurance mountain bikes that can sustain long journeys ripping up the big stuff.

Trekking Full Suspension

If you are looking for an endurance bike that can tackle hardcore trails, rough commutes and long off-road adventures, all whilst carrying your gear for the day ahead, a full suspension Trekking is the way to go. This bike can handle all the off-roading imaginable, and with accessories such as mudguards, carrying racks and lights, you’ll be all set for long journeys on the saddle.


Hardtail mountain bikes are ideal for getting around quickly and efficiently on cross-country paths, lanes and trails. With a front suspension system, they can handle rougher terrains as well as smoother country cycling, making them a versatile choice as a do-it-all mountain bike.

Hardtail Trekking

If you need an all-round mountain bike equipped with commute-ready accessories such as mudguards and carrying racks to tackle your daily adventures, off-roading journeys and occasional blasts on tougher trails, a Hardtail Trekking is the one. They are quick and efficient, making them ideal for all cross-country riding.