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The Boss's Bike

The Boss's Bike

If only every day could be New Bike Day. That sweet, sweet feeling when you collect your new ride from your LBS – Local Bike Shop, if you need a glossary – and head out onto the trails as never before, like a primary school lad running like the wind in his new trainers. We love to see the look on customers’ faces when they pick up their bike and we’d like to feature your New Bike Day on here when it comes. As it happens, our MD David Beeley has just picked up his own new ride, so what better way to start?

What’s your new bike, David?
It’s a Trek Allant+ 5. It’s meant to be a bit of an all-rounder – the SUV of bikes. It’s a bit of a “do anything” bike, with 9 speeds and hydraulic disc brakes.

Why did you choose this bike?
I’m kept busy running our two stores, Dalby Forest Cycle Hub and Big Bear Bikes, and I just want a bike that, living in the middle of glorious North Yorkshire, I can do whatever I want; a bit of road, a bit of forest tracks… whatever. It’s practical because it has the big mudguards, the lights and the rack, but it has the latest Generation 4 Bosch motor; very lightweight, very powerful and a good range. Overall, it’s very light for an e-bike and is brilliant fun to ride.

What feature really works for you?
Technically, the main difference from a normal hybrid e-bike is in the wheels and tyres. Most hybrid bikes have road bike type wheels and tyres. The Allant has slightly smaller, mountain bike wheels and wider tyres. They are very comfortable with lots of grip and the motor takes the strain!

What about suspension?
It has front suspension, which some hybrids don’t have. It’s short travel suspension of about 50mm but very high quality. It really gives you confidence.

What’s the riding position?
The position is slightly leaning forward so it’s comfortable for a longer ride but you’re leaning forward for extra control and safety.

You have a slightly unusual pedal set-up. Tell us more.
One little upgrade is that I’ve changed the pedals. The bike comes with a basic plastic pedal but I’ve fitted much nicer ones. They have the clip-in system on one side and are flat on the other side so it doesn’t matter what shoes I wear, either trainers or, cycling shoes with clips to attach to the pedals like the pros – not!

What do you like most about your new bike?
The thing is, I don’t have to plan now. I usually ride from home and this way I can just jump on and I don’t have to think about where I want to go. I can do any trail as long as it’s a legal pathway or bridleway. It makes it more spontaneous.

Fancy one for yourself? Come and see us at Big Bear Bikes in Pickering!

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