Domane+ LT, Save £1,050 On A Full Carbon Electric Road Bike

Domane+ LT, Save £1,050 On A Full Carbon Electric Road Bike

Domane+ LT, Save £1,050 On A Full Carbon Electric Road Bike

The sleek and lightweight Domane+ LT electric road bike is available with an incredible 20% off the normal price, meaning you can scoop this high spec carbon frame beauty for just £4,200, compared to the £5,250 RRP, for a limited time only. In today’s blog, we talk about who it’s for, what it comes with and why you should be very excited about this price tag.

The Domane+ e-road bikes are beautifully engineered, high performance machines and the LT model is no different. But it comes with a super lightweight OCLV carbon frame and a list of specs that will have e-bike roadies salivating at the thought of hopping on and racking up the miles.

Domane+ LT is for those who are looking for a real-feeling road experience with the extra assistance an e-bike brings to the table. This drop-bar road bike packs a smooth and efficient Fazua drive system which gives you that extra boost when you need it – like riding into a headwind or tackling a lengthy climb – but doesn't drag or hold you back when it's not in use.

Who’s it for?

This is for keen road riders who want an e-bike that looks and feels like a traditional road bike but features an electric drive system that does its job so quietly and efficiently that you won’t know it’s there when you’re not using it.

What are the specs?

Domane+ LT features:

  • Lightweight 500 Series OCLV carbon frame and fork with rear IsoSpeed
  • Light, fast and efficient Fazua Evation motor
  • Fazua controller
  • 250 Wh battery that assists up to 25 km/h
  • Removable Fazua drive pack (the battery and motor) - ride with or without it
  • 2x11 Shimano Ultegra drive train
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

What’s great about it?

This e-road bike looks and feels more like a traditional road bike than many of its e-road bike counterparts. There’s little to no drag or resistance from the Fazua system when it’s turned off or you pass the maximum level of assist at 25 km/h. The IsoSpeed dampers absorb bumps in the road for a faster, smoother, more comfortable ride.

In summary

This features Trek’s lightest road-smoothing Domane+ frame teamed up with a streamlined and efficient electric drive system. It gives you the best of both worlds; a real road bike experience with an additional boost of power when you need it.

Our team’s verdict

Mike, our resident roadie, said: “The Domane+ LT has four levels of assistance. In the top one it’s really powerful. The battery cuts power when you reach 25 km/h, which is quite easy to do on a road bike, so it totally decouples and it feels like a normal push bike but then it comes into its own assisting you up the hills. Another bonus is you can take your battery and motor out and you can ride it without and it becomes a lightweight push bike.”

Mike added: “It’s a great handling bike: really comfortable because of the IsoSpeed and the carbon frame. It has 3mm tyres so it can cope with slightly rougher road too. This is one for the type of rider who wants to ride with friends or in a club but maybe struggles to keep up over longer distances. The Domane+ LT handles like a normal road bike but gives you the extra help on the hills and allows you to ride longer and further. It truly is the best of both worlds.”

So if you’re looking for a new electric road bike, or maybe want to upgrade from a previous bike for one that will get you out enjoying life on two wheels for longer, we have a brilliant range here at Big Bear Bikes in store and online.

Please head in store to test ride the Trek Domane+ LT and get advice from our team of expert professionals to get you the perfect bike.

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